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Check out the e-books from Element14!

The element14 community provides support and inspiration through a combination of articles, design challenges, roadtests and the power of close to half a million global members with their combined experienced and knowledge. They have released a series of e-books which brings together hints and tips from the element14 community team, inspiration for makers looking to get started, or for inspiration with a project.

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Power supply design Tips from EE-Times


With the emphasis today on the need for more efficient and cost-effective power solutions, EE-Times created this column to provide helpful tips on a variety of power management topics. This column is geared towards design engineers at all levels. Whether you’ve been in the power business a long time or just coming on the power scene, you’ll find some nuggets …

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Electronics design checklist

Check list

This page is an Electronics Design Checklist. It was originally obtained from a HP document. It has been extensively adapted to suit my and hopefully other design engineers requirements. Copy it and edit it as you see fit. Some checks are done automatic with most schematic and pcb layout software, but serve as reminders. Schematics checklist Drawing Basics 1. Use …

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Texas Instruments (Unitrode) Switching power supply design.

Texas Instruments (formerly Unitrode) seminars are part of TI analog technical training during which they also update on their new controllers and other power management integrated circuits. They combine tutorial review of basic principles and “hands-on” design examples on various power conversion topics. Over time they have covered virtually all important switching power supply design topics and their archives provide excellent …

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