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Check out the e-books from Element14!

The element14 community provides support and inspiration through a combination of articles, design challenges, roadtests and the power of close to half a million global members with their combined experienced and knowledge. They have released a series of e-books which brings together hints and tips from the element14 community team, inspiration for makers looking to get started, or for inspiration with a project.
All the e-books are relatively short, only 5-10 pages. I’m not sure if you can actually call that a book but more like flyers.

“The Maker community is inspiring – and with increased availability and affordability of single board computers, development kits and other technologies, there is a huge opportunity for this community to create the next world changing piece of technology. The power is no longer purely in the hands of large companies with significant levels of investment – it has turned on its head and we have seen amazing ideas spring up from the workbenches in the spare bedroom or the garage. We hope that Makers will find something in our ‘Tips for Makers book’ that will give them a fresh perspective or a new way of doing something that helps them along the way”, said Steve Carr, former Global Head of Marketing at Premier Farnell in a company statement.

All the e-books are available to download from the element14 community.
You have to register though…

Here are a few titles:

  • Essential Design Tips for Engineers
  • Tips Book for Makers
  • List item
  • Intro to Smart Agriculture
  • Energy Harvesting
  • DC-DC Converters
  • Home Automation with the Raspberry Pi
  • Single Pair Ethernet
  • AI
  • Essential Raspberry Pi Tips
  • 5G eBook

Check out the e-books at:

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